Labour promises to complete harbour terminals in 6 months

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MLPThe terminal projects at Cirkewwa and Mgarr quays, work on which has dragged on for years, will be completed within six months of a Labour victory, Labour party leader, Dr Alfred Sant has promised in a speech given on site at Cirkewwa Harbour. Dr Sant added that the two harbour projects were a clear example of the bad governance of the Nationalist administration and that a Labour government would investigate why the work had fallen back by more than five years, incurring ever increasing costs.

Dr Sant went on to say that the original expense of Lm8 million (€18.6 million) in 1999 had rocketed to Lm14.5 million (€33.8 million) in 2005 and his party had been informed that the cost now stood at Lm16 million (€37.3 million). The projects have exceeded the original cost by Lm6.5 million (€15.1 million) or by 85 per cent.

“This exposes the lack of accountability. Despite all this, there is still no clear dateline for completion. Time is money and we are promising, as part of our approach for a tranquil change, to reverse the situation,” he said. He added that there were no fewer than seven completion dates over the years, as work kept being postponed year after year, with the government now waiting to receive EU funds.

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