Kids Walk for Charity in aid of the Children’s Ward at GGH

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Kids Walk for Charity in aid of the Children's Ward at GGHA group of mothers with young children recently got together and came up with an idea for this weekend that will be fun as well as at the same time help to raise funds in aid of the Children’s Ward of the Gozo General Hospital.

The mothers are organising what they call a “Kids Walk for Charity,” which is to be held this coming Sunday, the 8th of January, in Marsalforn, Gozo.

Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, children in prams and pushchairs, in fact everyone is welcome to go along and participate in the walk. A small financial donation is kindly requested. The aim is that the money raised will be used to buy toys and electronic devices to help lift the spirits of the recovered children in the ward.

Anbody wishing to take part should meet at 2pm at Menqa from where they will enjoy a walk together up to Qbajjar promenade. Cartoon character favourites, Minnie Mouse and Barney will also be joining in with the walk.

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    1. Daniela Sacco says:

      It’s the perfect opportunity to do something different with your kids and with other parents like you. It’s genuine fun and at the same time we will be doing it for a good cause.

      We have just had Christmas, a time when our kids receive loads of presents, mostly toys. A time when consumerism and materialism are at their best and therefore it would be fruitful if we can explain to our children (if they are grown enough to understand) the purpose of this walk. We will be teaching them how to be generous and also think about other kids who are not lucky as they are.

      Apart from being a learning experience, the kids will also have fun by interacting with Minnie Mouse and Barney and maybe also take some photos with them! And let’s not forget that kids will love to meet other kids and not just stay home in front of a computer.

      We really hope for a good number and looking forward to make it an annual event.

      See you Sunday!

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