Samuel Aquilina of St George’s Basilica to serve at St Peter’s

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Samuel Aquilina of St George's Basilica to serve at St Peter'sSamuel Aquilina, an altar server for the last four and a half years at St George’s Basilica, in Victoria, is one of three altar servers who will have the opportunity to attend at St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican in August 2012. Samuel sat the exam in November after attending a series of lessons consisting mainly of liturgical content.

Samuel is a Form 2 student at the Minor Seminary Secondary School in Victoria. Among his hobbies are reading and football. Samuel is a regular altar server at the Basilica and the Parish said, “definitely one of the most exemplary among its piccolo clero, which currently has ten members, among whom Samuel is one of the eldest.” Two years ago he delivered the Priedka tat-Tfajjel on Christmas Eve. The Director of the group is Can. Emanuel Buttigieg, flanked by the oldest two altar boys, Stefan Scicluna and Dennis Tabone.

Gorg Pisani and Riccardo Gatt Ellis were among the altar servers of St George’s who also sat for the exam. Joseph Mercieca, an altar server at Fontana, was placed first.

The Parish said that the “last altar boy from St George’s Basilica to have served at St Peter’s was Kieth Vella in 2007. The first one chosen from St George’s Basilica was, to the best knowledge of the Parish, Dr Teddy George Farrugia in 1965, followed by other boys who today have become priests or otherwise very active parishioners, such as Fr Fabio Attard sdb, George Sacco, Fr Effie Masini, George Francis Vella and Francesco Pio Attard.

Photos by Anton Farrugia.

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