Local personalities supporting BirdLife Malta’s campaign

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Maltese personalities from different walks of life today embraced BirdLife Malta’s campaign against illegal spring hunting and took a stand by asking the leaders of the two political parties which were represented in the Maltese Parliament to end the practice of spring hunting once and for all. The latest action in the campaign against spring hunting in Malta and Gozo was launched today at the Radisson SAS Hotel in St. Julian’s.

Artists Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Maurice Tanti Burlò and Celia Borg Cardona, Hotelier Winston J. Zahra, Journalist Sarah Puntan-Galea, Columnist Andrew Borg Cardona (I.M. Beck), Entertainer Gianni Zammit, TV Presenters Moira Delia, Ray Calleja and Pauline Agius, Physicist Prof. Edward Mallia, Musician Renzo Spiteri, and Actor Alan Montanaro will feature in different media over the coming weeks as part of this action. Visuals addressing Dr. Gonzi and Dr. Sant and featuring the personalities wearing BirdLife’s “Stop Illegal Spring Hunting” t-shirts were presented to members of the press during the launch.

BirdLife expressed its appreciation for the support shown by these individuals to its campaign against spring hunting, supporting the Commission’s stand that there is no room for spring hunting in Malta. The Commission, last month, also expressed its intention to request an interim measure to stop spring hunting in 2008 should this prove necessary.

“The Government and the Opposition should not attempt to put the weight of the decision to stop spring hunting in Malta on the European Commission and Court of Justice when it is undeniable that a spring hunting season in Malta is unjustified,” said BirdLife Malta President Joseph Mangion. “Furthermore, the mandate from the Maltese people is crystal clear as past opinion polls have repeatedly shown the overwhelming majority of the Maltese to be firmly against spring hunting. The Maltese continue to be vociferous on this matter and it is wonderful to see these public figures standing up for our common natural heritage,” Mangion continued.

BirdLife Malta commented on the fact that the Maltese value the environment highly and stated that this action in the campaign against spring hunting is a move to better protect Malta’s environment. The conservation organisation affirmed that it is not interested in partisan politics. “Rather, BirdLife is appealing to both Dr. Gonzi and Dr. Sant to take the same stand for the common good of the Maltese people on something which the overwhelming majority of the population finds consensus on. This is a unifying issue for the Maltese and the case of spring hunting should not be used divisively,” Mangion concluded.

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    2 Responses

    1. Federico Chini says:

      Very well done!

    2. Victor Galea says:

      ?In addition, we want to make sure that all European Union directives are properly enforced, including the abolition of hunting and trapping during the Spring, once and for all, and the abrogation of the parliamentary resolution extending the development zones unnecessarily and without due consultation,? AD Electoral Manifesto 2008

      Victor Galea
      Sec. Gen.
      The Green Party

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