Gozo NGOs conference ends European Year of Volunteering

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Gozo NGOs conference end European Year of VolunteeringLet’s Volunteer was the main theme of a recent conference organised by the Gozo NGOs Association, bringing to an end this European Year and International Year of Volunteers. 14 Gozitan NGOs participated in the conference.

In her message, the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono expressed her satisfaction “that in Malta and Gozo, the voluntary sector is powerful and widespread over many areas including social, cultural, sports and philanthropy.” The Minister added that the “important work carried out by the organisations which helps convince many people to join in with the different organisations, particularly in the aid and support given to disadvantaged people, helps to to obtain a strong social and moral value.”

These reasons, the Minister said, is why the “Ministry for Gozo supports the work of these organisations through services coordinated by the NGO Centre in Xewkija.”

This conference was also addressed by the President of the Gozo NGOs Association, Dr Ray Xerri and Mr Sebastian Micallef on behalf of the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations, while a presentation was made by Mr. Mauro Pace Parascandalo of The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

An exhibition was held recently at the Ministry for Gozo in Victoria where and exhibition was held on the work of the Gozo NGOs which included among other crafts and publications.

Currently, the Association of NGOs has less than 320 NGOs registered with it.

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