L-Istrina 2011 events get underway today in Gozo & Malta

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L-Istrina 2011 events get underway today in Gozo & Malta Update: Traditionally the day after Christmas has become synonymous with the annual charity fund raising marathon L-Istrina.

This fund rasing event is held in both Malta and Gozo on Boxing Day, the 26th of December. Over the years this body has helped many individuals, families and entities in Gozo.

In Malta the main base has been set up at the Verdala Palace in Buskett. The President, Dr George Abela, will have a very busy day, which will include a helicopter trip from the Ta’ Qali stadium to Betlehem f’Ghajnsielem and then back to Malta.

The event is also being shown live on local television stations from around midday.

At the end of the Istrina marathon on the 26th December 2010 donations had reached €2.3 million.

To make a contribution to Istrina by telephone, please use the numbers below:

€25 – 51802012

€15 – 51702011

€10 – 51602027

To make a contribution to Istrina by SMS, please use the numbers below:

€11.65 – 50619201

€6.99 – 50618918

Donations can also be made on line on: www.mccf.org.

The 33 organisations who will benefit from the event are shown below:

1 Fondazzjoni Wens

2 Inspire (The Eden and Razzett Foundation)

3 Oasi Foundation

4 Arka Foundation

5 Foundation Kenn U Tama

6 Torball Association of the Blind

7 For all Cultures and Ethnic Societies (FACES)

8 Fondazzjoni Nazareth

9 Multiple Sclerosis Society

10 Ejjew Ghandi

11 Paulo Freire Institute

12 Fr Joseph Camilleri (Guatemala Project)

13 Foundation for Respite Care Services (Dar il-Kaptan)

14 St. John Ambulance Association Malta

15 YMCA Homeless

16 Fondazzjoni mid-Dlam ghad-Daw l 17 Segretarjat Assistenza Socjali (Azzjoni Kattolika Malta)

18 Angela House

19 Living Ability Not Disability (LAND)

20 Piccola Casa di San Giuseppe

21 Animal Sanctuaries

22 Dar Pirotta

23 St Rita Home

24 Emigrants’ Commission

25 Osanna Pia Home

26 Shock, Trauma, Acceptances, Reality, Situations (STARS)

27 Lumiere Support Group

28 Transplant Support Group Malta

29 Malta Red Cross Society

30 St Theresa Home

31 St Ursula Monastery

32 Malta Guide Dogs Foundation

33 Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus – UK.

Update 1: By around 3.30pm this afternoon over €570.000 had been raised.

Update 2: At 6.00pm the total raised stood at just over €1,000,000.

Update 3: Over €2,000,000 had been raised by 10pm.

Update 4: By the end of annual L-Istrina marathon charity event, just over €2,5000,000 had been raised, beating last year’s total and also setting a new record.

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