Opposition leader reiterates the need for change in the country

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MLPOpposition leader, Dr Alfred Sant, has said that it was high time for the election announcement to be made, as the uncertainty surrounding the election campaign has caused a variety of problems to the economy. “The people now have the chance to choose who will lead the country in the coming five years,” Dr Sant said, as he reiterated that the need for a change in the country is gaining increasing momentum.

Dr Sant said that in the coming weeks the party would be explaining the party’s plan for a change in the country, which has the interests of Maltese and Gozitan families at its core. The highlights of the campaign will be, zero tolerance for corruption, the generation of employment opportunities, and the need for new initiatives in sectors such as those of social security and education.

He also promised that, under a Labour Government, the quality of life would be safeguarded, whilst the problem of the increase in the cost of living, including the surcharge, would be tackled.

During the campaign, the MLP would be working as a team and close to the people and would continue working in such a manner even if it is elected to Government, Dr Sant concluded.

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