GWU instructs Arriva members to strike from tomorrow night

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GWU instructs Arriva members to strike from tomrrow nightThe General Workers Union has ordered industrial action for Thursday at 8pm over claims that Arriva Malta has not yet changed its ‘long and inhumane’ rosters for bus drivers since it first started operating four months ago.

The GWU has instructed its Arriva members to stop offering a service from tomorrow, Thursday, the 17th of November at 8pm.

The union said in its statement that problems with the long and inhumane rosters for the employees have failed to be resolved despite attempts by the union to do so.

The GWU said that “during the last four months it had been “prudent” in its dealings with this issue. However, a point has now been reached where it cannot wait any longer for the improvements to be made.”

“Arriva was informed by the GWU this morning of its directive and registered its action with the industrial director,” the statement concluded.

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