Nuclear power is costly, toxic and not emission free – Graffiti

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EnergyMoviment Graffitti is hereby expressing its concerns and disapproval at the way that the UK Government is dealing with the energy issue, where in the intention of dealing with the energy shortage predicted to happen in 10 years time as well as to reduce the country’s level of CO2 emission, it is returning to nuclear energy to secure the country’s energy needs.

In view of this, the UK Government has sanctioned the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations, costing billions of pounds, which will ultimately deliver only tiny cuts in carbon emissions and leave future generations with a large amount of nuclear waste. Furthermore, going nuclear won’t solve the UK’s or the world’s global warming problem since it is estimated that it can only deliver around a 4% cut in carbon emissions some time after 2020. That’s far too little, far too late and at too high a price.

The UK nuclear industry itself admits that the most optimistic date for just one nuclear plant to start operating is 2017. Furthermore, no nuclear plant has ever been built on time and according to the allocated budget. For example, the global nuclear industries flagship project in Finland has been behind schedule, with 1.5 Billion Euros over budget and over 1,500 safety defects and problems.

Supporters of nuclear power also ignore the fact that there is still no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste. Therefore, nuclear power will result into deadly radioactive waste for which future generations will have to pay the price. .

Moviment Graffitti is of the opinion that the energy issue can only be tackled through serious focus on measures which relate: energy efficiency, cleaner use of fossil fuels, renewable energy and decentralised power stations. Therefore, a total revolution in energy policy and practice is necessary if the problem is to be adequately curtailed in the long run.

It is no coincidence that countries like Germany and Sweden, who have refused the nuclear option, have reduced their carbon emissions and have flourishing renewable energy sectors. For example, renewable energy made up 14 percent of Germany’s energy consumption last year. On the other hand, in countries where there is a strong focus on nuclear energy such as Finland, greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 16 percent. .

In view of the above, Moviment Graffitti, sustains that instead of wasting time and money on an energy source that can’t deliver, it’s time for the UK and others, to wake up to reality and start investing in real and practical solutions to halt climate change. Renewable energy is cheaper, cleaner and safer than nuclear energy and is the most efficient and effective way to tackle climate change.

Moviment Graffitti is also urging the local Government and concerned authorities to learn from other countries’ good practice examples in this area by developing a sound policy framework for facilitating the use of renewable energy and investing seriously in the sector.

Chris Mizzi f/Moviment Graffitti

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    1. Jessica says:

      That is very true.
      I know , why is this happening ??
      I cant believe it!

      I still cannot believe people are killing our planet!

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