Environmental Landscape Consortium embellishment works

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Landscaping.JPGSoft areas along main arterial roads in Gozo are being substantially improved through an embellishment programme started recently by the Environmental Landscape Consortium (ELC) on the island.

Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, yesterday visited areas around the island where works are currently in progress. Minister Debono said that such embellishment works through the extension of the ELC contract are now possible due to a Budget 2008 measure that included the investment of around €482,000 (Lm250,000) for new initiatives to be carried out in Gozo. Such initiatives will include afforestation projects, the rehabilitation of valleys and the improved management of the environment around the island.

Minister Debono said that besides improving the general presentation and appearance of the island, the extension of the ELC contract to Gozo will mean the creation of further job opportunities, with a number of jobs expected to be created in the near future.

Currently, the ELC are carrying out improvement and embellishment works at main roundabouts in the newly built road connecting Victoria to Gharb, Ghasri and San Lawrenz, and in Mgarr Road connecting the Harbour to Ghajnsielem and Xewkija.

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    1. Victor Galea - AD says:

      Finally the Gozo Minister is realising that the environment also means money, economy and employment!

      Thank you God.

      Now, we look forward to see Gozitans employed in this and similar sectors.

      Victor Galea

      Green Party Spokesperson for Gozo

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