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Moviment GraffitiMoviment Graffitti would like to welcome and express its positive reaction to the news that the EU has kept a rigid stand on issues relating to the ban on the importation of certain genetically modified food. As a result the EU could also be facing trade sanctions by the WTO. Such stance shows that the EU is responding to the pressures and concerns set forth by consumers about the possible environmental and health risks present in the use of such genetically modified food. The threat of sanctions by the WTO also shows that this organisation is in fact driven by pressures from big multinational corporations that have great interests in this sector

Moviment Graffitti is of the belief that consumers have a right to be informed about the products they buy and consume. Therefore, Moviment Graffitti believes that labeling of GM foods is the most appropriate and feasible way to enable consumers to make informed choices about the consumption of such food products. Furthermore, the movement is of the opinion that an impartial evaluation should be made on the potential health and environmental hazards associated with the development, manufacture, use or consumption of genetically modified plants or food.

Moviment Graffitti also believes that within the European fora Malta should take an active position against the use of GMOs, while actively pursuing the promotion of organic products. Organically grown produce has been recognized to reduce the potential health and environmental hazards posed by pesticides, GMOs, irradiation and additives.

Chris Mizzi f/Moviment Graffitti

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