Vote for us to get justice and sustainable development – AD

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AD-Xlendi.jpegDuring a press conference in Xlendi, the chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika, Dr Harry Vassallo, said that there is an ever increasing number of Gozitans complaining to his party officials regarding injustices they are suffering, especially with matters regarding to high-rise building and planning in their neighborhood.

Dr Vassallo added, “In places like Xlendi the original plan for villa areas has now turned into blocks of flats. Then there are some people being given permission to build more than three stories and others in the same street who are not allowed to. This is a typical situation which occurs every five years close to a general election, but now the situation is alarming.”

“The mistakes which are occurring now and the breaching of the planning laws especially during election period will result in confusion, injustices for others who will have to suffer for many years to come,” Dr. Vassallo said.

Dr. Vassallo added that “Serious planning and accountability in our nation will only occur when the MLP and PN will one day decide to pass laws in order to control their party finances – something which is far from reaching reality unless Alternattiva Demokratika is elected to form a coalition government. Lately, we heard that the PN promised this law to regulate party finances, but it would have been more credible if the PN introduced this law before the coming election with the result that the many citizens of goodwill are still suffering injustices.”

“A vote for Alternattiva Demokratika means that AD in a coalition government will work towards real and sustainable progress in our country for all citizens and will eradicate the stagnant political system by regulating the political parties finances and the much needed reform in the Malta Environment and Planning Authority” concluded Dr. Vassallo.

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