Gozo University Group meets with Gozo Business Chamber

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Gozo University Group meets with Gozo Business ChamberGozo University Group Executives held a meeting with the Gozo Business Chamber recently at the GBC’s office in Victoria . The lack of investment in Gozo was one of the issues discussed at the meeting.

Joe Grech, the President of the Gozo Business Chamber, said that they are “currently working on an electronic register to gather information about the ICT abilities held by Gozitan students, those who work in Malta and also those Gozitans who live abroad.” He also explained that an Australian company is willing to invest in Gozo and that they are looking for persons who have any innovative ideas but do not have the resources to finance their ideas. A register for companies searching for ICT employees is also being created. The creation of ICT clusters in Gozo was also mentioned and the GUG together with the GBC will be working together to organize a meeting for those Gozitan students who are studying ICT to discuss this investment with them.

The future of the Gozitan students in Gozo was also discussed, together “with the issue that most Gozitans end up working and living in Malta, thus Gozo will become the island of the elders if no measures are taken to improve the economy and investment of our island”. Mr Grech also states “that if we want any change, we have to create something ourselves, not wait for other people to help us. GUG were asked to put forward any proposals they wish to be mentioned in the pre-budget proposal.”

The transport issue was also discussed, and the President of the GBC explained how, “before there used to be a direct bus service which went from Marfa to Valletta without stopping to pick anyone. This service resulted in less travelling time.” Priority boarding and online booking for Gozitans when using the Gozo Channel was also proposed by GUG together with the option of fast boats, which travel to Sa Maison and Valletta Waterfront.

During the discussion the need for more investment at the University of Gozo was also discussed. “This will not only benefit the Gozitan students because the courses are held in Gozo but also the economy since foreign and Maltese students can come and study here.” The GBC President told those present that at “Mcast in Malta there are 91 courses while in Gozo there are only 11 which resulted due to the lack of concurrence by students.” He also informed GUG that the University of Malta will be providing new courses related to ICT, to cater for the new investment of ICT Gozo Malta. GUG empahized the fact that such courses should be in Gozo.

The GUG President, Ryan Mercieca mentioned that next year, the GUG will celebrate its silver anniversary and a conference will be organised to mark this event. GBC were invited to give their views and support the GUG in this matter.

The issue of regionality was also brought up by GUG. Also the proposals presented during the Youth Parliament are to be put forward by the GUG. GUG asked to meet the Permanent Link Committee since a considerable number of the stakeholders were not being consulted primarily the youths and students of Gozo and that this is leading to a misperception about the issue.

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