AD presented with election memorandum by the GWU

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ADIn a meeting with Mr Tony Zarb Secretary General of the Central Administration of the General Workers Union, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Dr Harry Vassallo was presented with a pre-publication copy of the union’s memorandum to the political parties in view of the forthcoming General elections.

Replying to Mr Zarb’s address Dr Vassallo said that Alternattiva Demokratika would carefully examine the union’s proposals and would make its comments to the union. “We welcome the stance taken by the GWU to keep political parties to their electoral promises” Dr Vassallo said. “Civil society organizations have a crucial role to play in a developed democracy and increasing the accountablity of governments is certainly one of the most important.” Dr Vassallo added.

Dr Vassallo invited the union’s support to initiatives taken by Alternattiva Demokratika to increase competitveness by reducing energy, transport and housing costs to workers’ families. “The increasing options of greater flexibility, improved working conditions for part-time workers and overtime must not distract any of us from the long term task of providing for a better quality of life including leisure time and quality family time”. Dr Vassallo said. “Regardless of the developments that may take place it is only indefinite contracts of employment that promise career development and will always provide better conditions for a better quality of life for employees.”

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