GO customers in Gozo have television service disrupted

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GO has said in a statement this afternoon that its television services are disrupted due to cable damage.

The company said that one of its cables was cut during civil road works that were being carried out by a third party.

GO said that work is underway to identify the exact location of and extent of the damages, however, the company said, this will take a number of hours.

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    3 Responses

    1. Jan says:

      So is that why Melita had no service either? No phone, no internet, no tv. No way to ring the company and ask.

    2. Peter Wilson says:

      This happened on Tuesday, 20th it is now 22nd, why 2 days to publish. Ay least Melita, issued an apology regarding Granada TVs poor reception then lose of transmition. Go knew there was aproblem but had no idea when it would be fixed. Customer Service at Go could not help, they had no idea when “normal service would be resumed” I was able to phone using my mobile, good job its a free call, other wise I would have run out of credit, I was on phone for 20 minutes, and no mention of any compensation, for loss of service I hope that the contractor who caused the cable to be damaged is made to pay for the repair. Get your act togeather Go, you are supposed to be good at Customer Service

    3. Jan says:

      Peter Wilson – – I have seen no apology for loss of the complete service by melita? As for the apology of poor reception – – that was not forthcoming without a request either. Neither company seems to have ANY idea what customer service really is.

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