Ministry for Gozo grants €70,000 for relaunch of Let’s Gozo

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Ministry for Gozo grants €70,000 for relaunch of Let's GozoThe Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, has announced that €70,000 has been given as a grant to the Gozo Tourism Association (GTA) to cover part of the printing costs of Let’s Gozo’s second edition.

In a statement this evening, Gozo Minister, Giovanna Debono, said that the publication, will be printed every two months, starting this month and will be distributed through a local journal in English, which was not named.

The Chief Executive of the Gozo Tourism Association, Joe Muscat, said that “the publication will include promotional and informative material related to, among others, attractions, features, and other elements related to the island’s identity.” He said that “there will also be a website, which gives it the potential for both the domestic and international market.”

“The initiative tied in with Gozo’s sustainable development and the publication will strengthen the prospects to increase employment on the sister island,” the Minister said. She continued by praising the commitment of the Association.

The President of the GTA, Paul Scicluna, expressed the “gratitude of the Association for the assistance from the Ministry, without such, the relaunch of the publication would not have been possible.”

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    1. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      I like to congradulate the Minister for Goxo Giovanna Debono ,for being very involved
      in so many projects,at the same time,I hope it will let you sleep at night,because I do
      know one of those men,but you are a proffesional .you learn how to cope with them.
      Good luck and keep up the neccesary projects moving forward .

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