Celebrating New Year and Malta’s accession to the Eurozone

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New-Year-2007-Victoria.jpgLarge crowds gathered in Victoria to celebrate the New Year and our accession to the Eurozone, with an event organised by the Victoria Local Council themed ‘Eurofest’. A similar event celebrating the New Year was organized by the Victoria Council last year, and therefore this seems to have become part of Gozo’s annual cultural calendar. Once again the response to the event was overwhelming as thousands packed the city core from the early evening hours of New Year’s and throughout the night.

The crowds were entertained by a vast variety of music genres including classic, romantic, latin, pop and commercial which catered perfectly for the tastes of all those present. Animating the crowds were the talented team of Zoo Productions. Two different stages were set up in Independence Square and Saint George’s Square which included live performances by the likes of Mistaken Identity, Klinsman & Band and the Monitors.

A chidren’s area was also organized for the event which was very family oriented. The activity reached its peak during the hour leading to midnight, where the people could appreciate the talent of one of the best local artists Ira Losco and her band and the young, middle-aged, elderly, man or women, danced and clapped to the rhythm of their music. Fireworks greeted the New Year on the midnight hour accompanied by an amazing celebratory atmosphere amongst all those present.

At midnight the Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono and the Mayor of Victoria Robert Tabone were invited to symbolically retrieve the first euros from HSBC’s Victoria branch.

The Victoria Local Council said that it wishes to thank the main sponsors of the event, including the HSBC Bank Malta, European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA), National Euro Changeover Committee, the Malta Tourism Authority, Coca Cola Company Limited, Charles Grech & Co., and Dynamic Promotions, together with the other sponsors who supported the activity. Without their invaluable financial contribution the event would never have taken place.

A special word of gratitude was extended to the Ministry for Gozo, especially the Department for Culture and the Directorate for Customer Services for their support, to the local Police authorities and the Local Wardens for the impeccable way in which traffic was managed throughout the night and for their watchful and vigilant eyes during the actual celebrations; a word of thanks also to the members of the Red Cross who were also present and on the alert for all possible situations. Last but not least, special thanks go to the bar owners of the area for their support, cooperation and collaboration, before, during and after the event.

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