Further investment in more educational projects around Gozo

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School-Visit.JPGWorks are currently being carried out at three primary schools and one secondary school in Gozo, besides the major construction works in hand at the new boys’ secondary school in Victoria, while other works were concluded recently in three other primary schools and one post-secondary school.

Works on the setting up of five new laboratories at the Agius de Soldanis girls’ Junior Lyceum and Secondary School in Victoria, an investment of €60,500 (Lm26,000), are nearing completion, with one of the laboratories already being used by students frequenting this school. The laboratories are being set up for the teaching of the subject of ‘Design and Technology’. Works carried up to now included the replacement of the electricity system, the installation of wireless lecturing facilities, such as mini-servers, projectors and computers, the installation of wall fans as well as the replacement of tiles in all five laboratories and their connecting corridor.

Currently, a fire-alarm system is being installed while a sixth laboratory is also being set up. A lift will be installed at the same school in the coming weeks to improve accessibility for students with a disability, with the construction of the lift shaft having been completed by Government workers recently. Other works which are currently being carried out at this school include the laying of artificial turf in a section within the main playground, which is carried out in collaboration with the football club SK Victoria Wanderers. A similar project involving the laying of artificial turf is to be carried out at the Mons. Giov. Andrea Vella primary school in Zebbug.

Intensive upgrading works are also being concluded at the Rosa Magro Xewkija primary school, with an investment of around €314,500 (Lm135,000). This school is now equipped with modern classrooms and security facilities, including fire-alarms and a CCTV system, a refurbished hall and stage area with new light and stage facilities, new aluminium apertures closing off the ground and first floors, a new electrical system and sanitary facilities throughout the school, in addition to other completed refurbishment works at the entrance corridor and administration area. Works that are currently underway include those on the basement area and the library, with request for permits to commence further works on the kindergarten wing having already been submitted to the concerned authorities. Artificial turf was also installed in this school through a project carried out by the Xewkija Football Club in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo.

A third school benefiting from the recent laying of artificial turf in its main playground is the Sir Arturo Mercieca primary school in Victoria. Works on the installation of a lift at this school are also in progress to enhance the school’s accessibility and in turn benefit students suffering from mobility difficulties attending this school.

Works have also commenced on the auditorium at the Patri Mattew Sultana primary school in Xaghra where a new audio and light system – an investment of €44,500 (Lm19,120) – is currently being installed. Other general works of plastering and painting are also being carried out.

Other upgrading works that were recently carried out in different schools in Gozo include refurbishment and structural works at the Zebbug and Nadur primary schools. General modernisation works were also carried out at the Ghajnsielem primary school following earlier works carried out by the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools, which included the replacement of all window apertures, the installation of new laminated doors as well as the laying of artificial turf and soft mats in separate parts of the school’s playground.

Nine air-conditioners were also recently installed at the Sir M.A. Refalo Centre for Further Studies, with an application for the installation of a lift at this same school having been recently approved. A call for tender for the construction of an external ramp that will serve as an alternative school entrance is also currently being adjudicated.

Speaking during during a site visit to various schools where works are currently in progress, the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono said that the educational sector in Gozo is constantly benefiting from heavy investment through various infrastructural projects funded by the Ministry for Gozo and the Ministry of Education, in an effort to continue improving and developing the island’s educational facilities and services. Between 1999 and 2007 Government invested around €6.3 million (Lm2.7 million) in the upgrading of schools’ infrastructure in Gozo together with the allocation of another €7 million (Lm3 million) for the construction of a new boys’ secondary school on the island.

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