MUMN calls for chemotherapy treatment at Gozo Hospital

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MUMN calls for chemotherapy treatment at Gozo HospitalThe Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) has issued a statement today, along with a copy of a letter sent to the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, and copied to the Prime Minister, which urges the authorities to introduce chemotherapy treatment at Gozo general hospital, removing the need for cancer patients take the journey to Boffa Hospital in Floriana.

The MUMN Presesident, Paul Pace, said “that the union has so far, not received any reply, or acknowledgement that either the Minister, or Prime Minister had received the letter.

The statement said that the Government should introduce all the necessary measures so that chemotherapy can also be provided in the Gozo General Hospital to the benefit of the Gozitans who are suffering on a daily basis. MUMN said it believes that “Health related issues should not be a political ball game and that all stake holders in the country should all work in the interest of our patients.”

A full copy of the aforementioned letter sent by the MUMN President Paul Pace is appended below:

“As President of MUMN, I would like to draw your attention on the hardship of Gozitans patients who are afflicted by the disease which is cancer. Such patients will be needing chemotherapy as part of the treatment for their disease. Such IV treatment is only provided in Boffa Hospital in Floriana. Poor Gozitans who have to travel in the furnace of summer or in the cold winter months for such treatment when this could be easily be administered in Gozo General Hospital.

Any nurse working in Gozo General Hospital could be trained as the Maltese nurses for the administration of such a treatment and during such treatment such patients are only assisted by a junior Houseman in Boffa Hospital. Yet again, I believe Gozo General Hospital has doctors able to supervise and communicate with the Oncologist when in rare occasions, problems development when administrating such treatment.

Transportation for the chemotherapy can easily be solved by purchasing the appropriate container which yet again should be a one off capital expenditure.

Recently MUMN has been the driving force through Dr. Grima (PPS), that all female nurses (then it eventually extended to all Gozitans working in Malta and are Government civil servants ) working in Malta, can work in Gozo for a further three months after their maternity leave so as to breast feed their babies after pregnancy. As MUMN we are proud of this achievement.

As MUMN we try to protect and give equal rights to our Gozitians nurses. Now MUMN would like to offer you all its support and even issue a press conference or press statement, that chemotherapy should start to be administered in Gozo General Hospital. Such procedure is even less evasive than Renal Dialysis which now is doing very well and with a great success story in Gozo General Hospital.

The Prime Minister is stressing on the importance of investing in the oncology care with the building of the new hospital and has every support from MUMN on this regard but it is time to take that such service for the Gozitan patients to Gozo.

This would not be a mile stone for MUMN but it will be a huge step which you personally can do to the benefit of the Gozitan patients. I am therefor requesting you to consider and approve such important treatment and to start arrangements for such treatment to be given in GGH. From statistics MUMN gathered it seems that around forty patients are on chemotherapy treatment. All patients are weak, in pain and easily get tired. Let us analyse all obstacles, overcome all challenges and lets us get such treatment to be administered in Gozo for the sake of our patients living in Gozo. MUMN believes that if further training is required for the Gozitan nurses, the Maltese nurses are more than willingly to teach and train any nurse from Gozo if such a training is needed.

Eager to hear from you and please treat such service as urgent since such a service will save a lot of pain and there are Gozitans suffering from this ordeal on a daily basis. Every day counts. MUMN is definitely there for your support.”

Paul Pace MUMN President

25th August 2011″

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