Memories from the last World War – Nadurjana Exhibition

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Memories from the last World War - Nadurana ExhibitionA journey of exhibitions through faith, history and art is going to be launched on the 2nd of September 2011, in Nadur, by the Cultural Commission of Nadur Parish and the Nadur Local Council. In this first edition of exhibitions series the chosen theme is ‘Memories from the last World War.’ Various memorabilia from this period of time which bring to us a glimpse of memories will be exhibited.

The Exhibition will have on display various World War II memorabilia and will take place at ‘Dar l-Imnarja,’ Pjazza 28 ta’ April 1688, Nadur and will remain open until the 11th of September.

Some of the highlights of the Exhibition will include a first-time publication of various photos taken by Lieutenant Commander Ernest Gurr of The Santa Maria Convoy showing the American vessel Ohio entering Valletta Harbour (1942). A donation given to Nadur Parish by his son Graham. Lieutenant Gurr, at the time a coxswain aboard the H.M.S. Skudd V was one of the participants of this convoy when from all ships only one made it through to Malta with vital supplies of oil.

On display from the Nadur Parish Archive collection will be a briefing letter about the War written to a friend in July of seventy years ago during the Air Raids, by Ms Rita Galea of 60, Church street, Nadur (1941).

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    1. Peter Paul says:

      It seem that the word nadurjana is getting popular after the website and facebook that carries the same title.

    2. Kelinu says:

      Congratulations to Kelinu Vella Haber who many years ago published the famous poem about Nadur named Nadurjana.

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