60 minutes of diving brings in 60 kilos of debris at Marsalforn

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60 minutes diving reults in 60 kilos of debris at MarsalfornOn Saturday, the Bubbles Dive Centre team and local scuba divers completed a 2nd ‘Dive Against Debris’ underwater survey in Marsalforn Bay. The event, which is part of an International Project AWARE campaign, involved trained divers not only removing underwater debris such as plastic bottles and fishing lines, but also the identification and documentation of everything collected underwater in a larger effort to prevent marine debris.

60 minutes diving reults in 60 kilos of debris at MarsalfornDavid Hayler-Montague, Director of Diving at Bubbles Dive Centre, said, “Two weeks ago we brought up 25 kilos of debris, this time we removed 60 kilos. On this ‘Dive Against Debris’ we concentrated our efforts of bringing up some of the huge amounts of rope and sheet metal from the sea bed as well as plastics which cause enormous damage to the marine environment.”

Details of the debris have been recorded and sent to Project AWARE for analysis alongside data from similar events held around the World. This data will help drive changes in policies and infrastructure at local, regional and international levels.

“This event is not just about cleaning up the sea bed, although there is now nearly 100 kilos less debris in Marsalforn Bay, it is also about raising awareness of the problem in an effort to reduce the devastating impacts of debris.” said Donna Hayler-Montague.

For more information on Saturday’s event please visit the centre’s facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BubblesDiveCentre or contact Donna Hayler-Montague on 2702 8299 or email donna@diving-gozo.com.

Dive Against Debris, is organised worldwide by Project AWARE Foundation, a nonprofit organisation mobilising divers to protect the ocean, has an underwater approach that’s totally unique. It’s a year-round, citizen science program to tackle trash beneath the surface and address its negative impacts.

For additional information in Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris programme and to join the global movement for ocean protection visit www.projectaware.org.

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    1. lesley kreupl says:

      Well done! I am sure all the fish are celebrating having a cleaner environment.

      What a shame that events like this have to be held in the first place and I sincerely hope all the litter-bugs reading this article feel very ashamed indeed!

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