Phase three of the Fort Chambray Project to start shortly

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Phase three of the Fort Chambray Project to start shorlyThe Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Land, Jason Azzopardi, visited the Fort Chambray project yesterday where the first two phases have now been completed.Phase three of the Fort Chambray Project to start shorlyPhase three of the 100,000 square metre site is due to start shortly. The Parliamentary Secretary praised the Caruana family who have been involved the Fort Chambray project since 2005. He said that “the project would have a value of around €150 million. This investment has already generated some 60 jobs through the different phases of the project work.”

€100 million has been spent since the project started in January 2005. When the development is complete, the resulting five or six star hotel will not only be an asset to Ghanjnsielem, but will also be a unique attraction in the Mediterranean, bringing extra tourism to Gozo, therefore creating extra jobs in the industry, the Parliamentary Secretary said.

The project would encompass approximately 320 residential units, ranging in size, style and facilities.. The project is expected to be completed in approximately 3 years.

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    4 Responses

    1. Don Cockrill says:

      What planet is it that the Parliamentary Secretary lives on? A superb example of being out of touch with the economic realities of the early 21st century!

    2. Joe Borg says:

      Another feather in Malta’s cap, Malta is going from strength to strength at a time when all other countries are inducing measures of austerity. Well done to whoever is contributing towards our economic decisions.

      Even if this might be a farfetched article as tourism will not grow due to this project but it surely is better than leaving this place a derelict as it was just a few years ago. It would surely bring some high end tourists to visit, at least out of curiosity, just to see what the hype is all about. It is simply a small step in the right direction, one of many that have been going on in the past 20 years on this small barren island.

    3. Don Cockrill says:

      I would suggest caution before reveling in the apparent success of economic decisions. Much is based on significant EU funding to new EC members which is not finite. One only has to look at Eire for a good historical example of the false reality of short term economic improvements.

    4. Mario says:

      @ Joe Borg
      At what feather you are talking about. Do you remember of the hundred`s of jobs that were promised and also that the Ghajnsielem residents would be the preferred workers. Same goes to San Lawrenz.

      Have a look`Fort Chambray it used to be enjoyed by everyone and now !!!! By people that got extra money to spare.

      Do you live in Gozo or not? What economic activity are you talking about? Here in Gozo we couldn’t be worse than we are at the moment in regards work.

      You thanked the developers for turning this place better because it was derelict. WOW what a discovery. That`s what is happening in places around Gozo they first throw rubbish and then they think that because they made it look like a TIP we will buy this excuse. This is what is being told to Hondoq ir Rummien at the moment but fortunately excuses like these people stopped taking notice of them long time ago.

      Do you really think that Chambray is better now than it how it was before?

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