Dives Against Debris takes place on Saturday in Marsalforn

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Dives Against Debris takes place on Saturday in MarsalfornA new dive centre in Gozo, Bubbles, has said that it “is already living up to it’s commitment to promote low-impact diving and marine conservation with local scuba divers and the Bubbles Dive Centre doing a Dive Against Debris tomorrow, Saturday, the 16th of July, in Marsalforn Bay.”

The centre said that “as part of Bubbles Dive Centre’s commitment to protecting the marine environment, trained divers not only remove underwater debris such as plastic bottles and fishing lines, but also identify and document everything seen underwater in a larger effort to prevent marine debris.”

Marine debris – or our trash in the ocean – makes its way to our underwater environments by the ton. Bubbles Dive Centre said that along with divers around the world it is demanding a permanent reduction in and prevention of the rubbish we create that damages sensitive marine ecosystems – even in some of the most remote corners of the globe.

“Marine debris is responsible for the death of thousands of marine animals and seabirds every year. For example sea turtles digest plastic in the water mistaking it for jellyfish. Ingesting plastic leads to a slow and painful death for the turtle. At Bubbles Dive Centre we have made a commitment to working with divers to address marine debris issues locally and contribute to the global view of marine debris underwater,” says David Hayler-Montague, Director of Diving Bubbles Dive Centre.

Scuba divers are uniquely positioned to tackle the global marine debris issue, to take action every day and prevent debris from entering the ocean.

For more information or if anyone would like to participate in the Dive Against Debris event in Marsalforn on tomorrow, visit visit the centre’s facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BubblesDiveCentre or contact Donna Hayler-Montague on 2702 8299 or email donna@diving-gozo.com.

“We would love to see as many people as possible participating in this important campaign and we welcome all divers and non-divers to help us. We will supply air for free plus any equipment divers need,” says Donna Hayler-Montague.

Dive Against Debris, organized worldwide by Project AWARE Foundation, a nonprofit organization mobilising divers to protect the ocean, has an underwater approach that’s totally unique. It’s a year-round, citizen science program to tackle trash beneath the surface and address its negative impacts.

Project AWARE Foundation, a registered non-profit organization, mobilizes the world’s divers to protect the ocean planet – one dive at a time. Join the growing movement of divers striving toward a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet. www.projectaware.org

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