New book launched on Xewkija – ‘Gabra Ta’ Proza u Folklor’

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New book launched on Xewkija - 'Gabra Ta’ Proza u Folklor'‘Gabra Ta’ Proza u Folklor,’ is the title of a recently launched book. The book, which is penned by the late Lawrence Camilleri has been compiled and edited by his son Michelangelo Camilleri and comes 8 years after the demise of the author.

In this book, Michelangelo Camilleri is presenting a selection of his father’s writings along with an introduction of his own and a commentary by Anton F. Attard.

The book, is a collection of short essays and stories featuring folkore in the village of Xewkija as remembered by the author. In the book, Camilleri describes various aspects of living in the first half of 20th century Xewkija, when the Rotunda church was yet to be built. The book describes various aspects of village life centred around religious occasions and feasts. The author also writes about various artisan skills that are today completely extinct such as the cart makers, one of the jobs that Camilleri himself inherited from his father.

The book presents details and interesting facts about the Xewkija windmill which has been in the Camilleri family since the latter half of the 19th century. Camilleri also writes about various aspects of the Rotunda church and the book presents several short biographies of some notable personalities hailing from Xewkija.

Lawrence Camilleri (1918-2002) was an avid writer and he was always commemorating life’s experiences through poems and prose. His interest in the community, especially its cultural expression, was very vivid and even in his advanced age, he wrote a ballad ‘L-Ghanja tal-Battista,’ that was enacted in the Xewkija main square during the feast of St John the Baptist in June 1995. His other major interest was music and he contributed greatly to the Prekursur Philarmonic Society, both as a musician and later as President.

‘Gabra Ta Proza u Folklor,’ is available from major bookshops in Gozo including the Swan Bookshop of Palm Street, Victoria Gozo. The book can also be ordered by contacting the editor Michelangelo Camilleri on

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    3 Responses

    1. Kristel Jo Bishop says:

      A big well done to my uncle who collected my grandfather’s writings and brought to press.

    2. MARGARET CURMI says:

      Thanking my Uncle Michaelangelo Camilleri for sharing with everybody some to the writings of our much loved Nannu Wenzu, who held so dearly to his heart the importance of knowledge, educataion , culture and religious tradition.

    3. JOHN B CAMILLERI says:

      Many thanks go brother Michaelangelo, who managed to compile and edited suchwritings penned by my beloved late Wenzu Camilleri; as he was popularly known in Xewkija as well as in Victoria, where he spent most of his life. Father Wenzu was a person who interested himself in all that went around him. I always considered him a man of culture.

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