Ghajnsielem Parish to have it’s first new priest in 46 years

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Ghajnsielem Parish to have a new priest after 46 yearsRadju Lauretana of Ghajnsielem will shortly be embarking on the fourth schedule this year, this time to celebrate the Ordination of Deacon Samuel Grech. Ghajnsielem Parish is to have a new priest after 46 years.

In celebration Radju Lauretana will present a 10-minute daily slot Int Qassis ghal Dejjem, written, produced and presented by Laurie Ann Camilleri. Maria Xerri presents three programmes Bhal f’Mera, every Saturday at 11am. Maria will interview relatives and friends of Deacon Samuel.

The Vigil Prayer on the eve of the Priest Ordination will be aired live from the Sacred Heart Seminary in Victoria at 9pm.

The live transmission of the Priest Ordination from the Gozo Cathedral will take place on Saturday, the 28th of May. Transmission will start at 4.35pm with a special programme, ‘Ghajnsielem Jifrah bis-Sacerdot Novell Samuel.’

Father Samuel Grech will then be the special guest on Kelma bejn Tnejn. Mary Scicluna will interview Fr Samuel on Monday, the 30th of May at 10am.

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    2 Responses

    1. Lelio Spiteri says:

      Looking forward to the big day. This is really a historic moment for our community.

    2. George Aquilina says:

      Thank you Father Samuel for the excellent and commited service rendered at the St. Gorg basilica in Victoria.

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