2,600 marriages in Malta in 2010 the highest in a decade

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2,600 marriages in Malta in 2010 the highest in a decadeMay 15 marks the worldwide celebration of the International Day of Families, with this year’s theme focusing on ‘Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion’.

A total 2,596 marriages took place in Malta last year, the highest number in a decade. Of these, 1,749, or 67 per cent, were religious marriages. Religious and civil marriages went up by 15 and 2 per cent respectively over 2009. In two-thirds of all marriages, both spouses were Maltese citizens. In 571 marriages, both spouses were non-Maltese residents. There were 566 registered separations last year when compared to 527 in 2009. Divorces obtained abroad and recognised by the Maltese authorities totalled 47, up by nine cases over the previous year. At 124, registered annulments decreased by 25 per cent over 2009.

Of the 3,999 live births in Malta in 2010, 25 per cent were out of wedlock. 6 per cent of all births were registered having an unknown father. Legal abortions in England and Wales carried out by residents of Malta amounted to 78 in 2009, more than double the 38 registered in 2008. Data for 2010 are not yet available.

The at-risk-of-poverty rate for all persons living in private households stood at 15 per cent in 2009 (Table 10). Persons living in single-parent households were most likely to be at-risk-of- poverty, with 53 per cent of persons living in these households falling below the at-risk-of- poverty threshold. Generally, as expected, households with dependent children were more at risk than those without, with the at-risk-of-poverty rates standing at 17 and 13 per cent respectively.

When it comes to amenities, 31 per cent of households said they do not own a computer; however, only 9 per cent of these stated that they could not afford one. The majority of households who did not own a computer did not have children under the age of 18 in the household.

During that same year, nearly two-thirds of households said they could not afford to pay for one week’s annual holiday away from home. As expected, households with dependent children tend to be less able to afford a holiday than other households. 31 per cent could not afford to face unexpected financial expenses of €450 and over, while 11 per cent said they could not afford to eat a meal with meat, chicken or fish (or vegetarian equivalent) every other day.

Photo – The UN’s Official Logo for The International Day of Families, representing the roof of a house being sucked down a drain.

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