Why does nobody care about the lasting damage at Dwejra?

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Why does nobody care about the lasting damage at Dwejra?Over the past few weeks we have read in the press letters from MEPA and the Government stating that everything is back to normal at Dwejra and a line has now been drawn under the matter. In other words as far as the Government and MEPA are concerned no-one should be punished for what occurred there and in fact the main person responsible ended up with a nice cushy EU job.

In a letter I sent to Gozo News on 16th April, I tried to raise awareness about the disaster at Dwejra but no-one seems to give a damn.

Given the amount of shouting being done by church and state over giving people the right to divorce, why are none of the so called God fearing people kicking up about the fact that a great amount of damage was done and is still being done at Dwejra due to it being used for the filming of explicit sex scenes for the film “Game of Thrones?”

Religion seems to be important to the Maltese people just so long as it doesn’t get in the way of making money!

James A. Tyrrell,
Northern Ireland.

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    15 Responses

    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Mr. Tyrrell,

      With very few exceptions, nobody gives a damn about what happens to this island. As I said before, if there is money involved, environmental issues are no longer relevant! Sad but true…

    2. István Magyar says:

      The main problem is the uninterest of the Maltese and specially of the Gozitan people for a clean enviroment. Everything what is outside of the house door is “not my business” anymore. Ideas given mostly by foreigners for possibilities to hold the enviroment really clean, are refused by the authorities immediatly, by saying: it is not adequate for Gozo. Look around in Victoria, in the beautiful valleys and wherever you want, rubbish and rubbish everywhere. And only the foreigners feel shocked.

    3. Mark says:

      @ all Alot of people feel what Mr Tyrrell has written but most of them are afraid to talk because they would be afraid of a transfer especially if the got a a very good job with the government

      This certainly happens in Gozo

    4. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Unfortunately what you say is true, however, the fact that one might lose one’s job if one complains, does not mean that this gives one the right to litter and destroy the environment or countryside. It is up to parents to teach children and grandchildren respect for the countryside and to set a good example to neighbours.

      One doesn’t have to have a loud mouth like me to do this!

    5. Oliver Magro says:

      I think it is unfair, and certainly very unhelpful, to make statement like “only foreigners feel shocked” about what happens to the Maltese and Gozitan environment. It leads to an “us” and “them” divide that tends to rile people (the Maltese) against well-meaning foreigners (such as yourselves). Please, let’s criticise the authorities and encourage people to support a class of leaders who truly care about the environment and just steer clear from stereotyping people.

    6. pajs says:

      Can somebody explain to me where is the lasting damage at Dwejra? ???????????

    7. James A. Tyrrell says:

      @pajs. Can I suggest that you visit the area and see for yourself. When contractors use a bulldozer with a hydraulic pick to break up solidified quarry waste and then scrape a bulldozer bucket over the area to scoop the waste into a lorry, strange as it may seem to you that causes damage! Fossils millions of years old have been broken and obviously can never be repaired. The rock pools which once supported various forms of marine life are dead due to being filled with this waste. The flora which occurred in that area was killed and may take years to recover fully if it ever does. That is lasting damage.

    8. pajs says:

      We all know what happened there , are you getting the fossils back , NO Did the contractors pay for what they did, YES on the other hand take a look at the publicity Dwejra is getting with Games of Thrones which is making a big hit world wide.

      PS the filming that was taken at Dwejra is classified as AO

    9. syed hussain says:

      I have been coming to gozo every year for the last 3 years, and this summer will be my fourth. it is the most beautiful island i have ever been to. I am outraged that gozitans wold allow something like this to happen to a landmark such as dwerja. pajs, you are ignorant to think that the publicity coming from game of thrones is worth even a fragment of the damaged HBO caused. Someone give me a contact number for MEPA please. this is ridiculous. what’s next? More ecological damage from Brad Pitt’s zombie movie?? come on people, I’m not even Maltese, just a tourist, and i care more than you all do??

    10. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Well said Syed. The contact number for general enquiries at MEPA is 2290 0000, however you would be better going to their websites contact page at http://www.mepa.org.mt/contact-us where you will find specific links to make a complaint or email them. You are totally right by the way. What is the point of getting publicity for an area if you are going to destroy part of it in the process!

    11. pajs says:

      Sorry Syed but I am 100% certain that damage was done, what I am pissed about is that HBO paid good money to a Maltese or a Gozitan contractor to make a set in Dwerja and as what happens always he tried to get rich quick and never used the right equipment to cover the area.

    12. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The thing is pajs the contractor used what they were told to use by MEPA, that being plastic sheet and shade cloth. No one at MEPA seemed to think ahead regarding what effect 40 lorry loads of waste was going to have on plastic sheet on top of sharp rocks! We also have the problem that the contractor didn’t supply sand, which would have been bad enough, but cut corners and brought in quarry waste which solidified after rain. If you go down there tomorrow you will not be allowed to drive your car on that area yet these contractors were allowed to drive lorries and a bulldozer on it! This is one of the most important sites on Gozo and as such MEPA should have been there to monitor what was going on and the Gozo Minister should not have learned about it in the papers over breakfast!

    13. Mario says:

      Mr Tyrrell you are right. What irritates me is how come those trucks were allowed to go on that area and also the bulldozer. The area is still nowhere near to what it was before, fullstop.

    14. pajs6 says:

      Any body know who was the contractor

    15. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Yes pajs6 the contractor was Said Construction, or at least that’s what it said on the lorries. They are from Nadur, you’ve probably heard of them!

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