Victoria Bus Terminus Project – Gozo Business Chamber

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The Gozo Business Chamber has come to know of the imminent start of work on the Victoria Bus Terminus Project.

While applauding all efforts being made to ameliorate the public transport system on the island of Gozo, being undertaken by Transport Malta, the Chamber cannot but deplore the facts that:

· the Gozo Business Chamber thinks that it could have made a positive contribution had it been involved in the preparatory proecess;

· a sizeable area of the already restricted parking zone is being taken up for the duration of the works, thus reducing the parking area by at least 46 car spaces;

· no heed was taken to integrate this new project into a fully developed car park as approved by MEPA in its Review of the Gozo Local Plan published in December 2010, funds for which could have been utilised from the MEPA Urban Improvement Fund.

The Gozo Business Chamber appeal to the competent authorities, as it as done ad nauseam, for a greater effort to make the best possible use of the area in question as per MEPA’s suggestion for surface and underground car parking.

The Gozo Business Chamber

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    3 Responses

    1. Mario B says:

      Why don`t we have a car park under the Bus terminus like we were promised years ago by this current government?

      What has happened to those promises few days before the general election?

      Waiting for some answers….

    2. D. Z. says:

      we are waiting for the m.l.p. to be in power.

    3. JOSEPH MIZZI says:

      you should know what the nationalist goernment stand for LIES, LIES AND PROMISIS


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