AD presents its new team of party spokespersons

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AD presents its new team of party spokespersonsAlternattiva Demokratika (AD) – The Green Party today presented its new team of party spokespersons and gave its feedback to developments regarding the divorce and Libya issues.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said, “Following its annual general meeting, AD is presenting a team of 17 spokespersons, 5 of whom are women. We have a healthy mix of experience and new faces, and our team is equipped with experts, professionals and activists in various spheres of social life. Our spokespersons are involved in the updating of AD’s policies and are active in spheres such as the Malta EU-Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) and other consultative fora. It is clear that AD is Malta’s only progressive party.”

AD’s spokespersons are: Arnold Cassola – EU and International Affairs; Mario Mallia – Education; Ralph Cassar – Industry, Energy & Transport; Michael Briguglio – Economy and Finance; Carmel Cacopardo – Sustainable Development & Local Government; Simon Galea – Agriculture and Animal Welfare; Richard Schranz- Consumer Rights and the Elderly; Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer – Civil Rights; Henrik Piski – Communications and IT; Nighat Urpani – Social Development and Health; Dirk Urpani -Sports and Youth; Miriam Cassar – Culture; Angele Deguara – Social Policy; Claire Azzopardi Lane – Disability Issues; Robert Callus – Migration and Citizenship; David Friggieri -Justice and Home Affairs; Andre’ Vella – Community Development. (Short biographies of AD’s spokespersons can be found at

Speaking on the Divorce issue, Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer, AD’s Deputy Chairperson, said, “AD has been in favour of the introduction of divorce ever since it was founded in 1989 and in all its electoral manifestos. It has done so because it believes that in a secular and pluralistic society civil rights should be guaranteed. The plain truth is that some marriages fail and we have to be sensitive towards the emotional and financial stress many individuals have to endure because of lack of this legislation. AD will be at the forefront in the campaign for a ‘yes’ vote should there be referendum on divorce. No one is obliged to divorce but the possibility of divorce should exist in a truly liberal and representative democracy. Should a referendum take place, the question in the wording should be loyal to the responsible type of divorce that is being proposed in Malta. No one is proposing a Las Vegas type of divorce, and we disagree with the maneuvering that is taking place against a clear referendum question for a responsible divorce based on the Irish model.”

Speaking on the Libya issue, Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, stated, “At its Council meeting to be held in Budapest in three weeks’s time, the European Green Party will be presenting a resolution on the situation in Libya and the Maghreb. This resolution will be taking into consideration the AD demand for real solidarity amongst EU member states and therefore for “responsibility sharing” amongst EU member states of the thousands of refugees expected to flee from Libya and other countries because of the present crisis as well as the call for UN mandated no fly zone whereby the whole Libyan airspace becomes an air exclusion zone for Libyan military planes. AD asks Prime Minister Gonzi to intervene with the Russian government so that it gives its go ahead in the UN Security Council for a UN mandated decision on a “no fly zone” and “air exclusion” area in Libya to prevent the massacre of innocent civilians.”

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