New secondary school in Peru – ‘Colegio Anthony Zammit’

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New secondary school in Peru - 'Colegio Anthony Zammit'Yesterday, Tuesday, the 8th of March, children aged 11 and 12, flocked to the enrolment office in a small urban town called Santa Rosa in the forest of Peru, to try and get a chair in the new Secondary school that has just been inaugurated.

Fr. Anthony Zammit, a missionary of Victoria, Gozo. has been working in the Selva of the VRAE for the last two years and through the help of many generous Maltese people has nearly finished building a church, as well as making it possible to open a much needed Secondary School which they named after him, ‘Colegio Anthony Zammit.’

The school will only have One Form to start with and will be run by three teachers who will also teach in the primary school at the same time. Next year there will also be Form two and so on consecutively.

Fr. Anthony has pledged to pay the wages of two of the three teachers for this year. Next year the Government will take over the payment when the school would have successfully run for one year. Fr. Anthony, who will shortly return to Peru, said that these 35 to 40 students who have been enrolled would otherwise have roamed the streets and worked in the fields for their parents. School in Peru is not mandatory.

Fr. Anthony Zammit, who, when in Malta works as a Hospital Chaplain at the Gozo General Hospital said that he has always had help from sponsors and used his own money to pay for teachers to teach Religion to thousands of kids. "This is the real value of money," he says, "’when cash is transformed into the education of human beings."

If anybody would like find out further information then please contact Fr. Anthony at or sms him on 79914800. Please keep him in your prayers.

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    6 Responses

    1. Veit Kuehne says:

      Great to read about your wonderful work, Anthony! Hope to be able to send you some Hospitality Club volunteers in the future!! Warm greetings from Buenos Aires, Veit

    2. Grazio Falzon says:

      WOW! Fr Anthony, congrats on the amazing Secondary School you created & the church you’ve nearly finished building. I bet higher-ups at the local diocese are intensely proud of your performance (& rightly so). Keep up your missionary charisma and passion.

      (Grezzju. South Bend, Indiana, USA)

    3. Juan says:

      Que bien P. Anthony, esperamos que todo lo esta haciendo por Santa Rosa es buena y saludable, así la población quedará agradecida, de igual manera la Fundación.
      Juan. perú – Vrae

    4. Anthony Zammit says:

      Thanks Veit, Volunteers would be more than welcome, and Grezzju, my higher-ups are estatic. God Bless you all.p.s My High school is also going to creat a class for drop-outs because of pregnancy a couple of years back who want to further their studies.

    5. Inguna Serda says:

      Yes, this is great job!
      I wish all best in schools life!

    6. Joseph Borg says:

      Thanks for the e-mails you send, at least, with them i am able to keep up on all the good work you are doing for the people of Peru. I love watching and reading what you post, it brings me back alot of memories of peru, and may god bless you and keep you going strong. Have a wonderful and safe trip back to peru.

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