A different Passion play musical this April at the Astra, Gozo

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A different Passion play musical this April at the Astra, GozoGhaliex Jien? Il-Passjoni b’differenza (Why Me? A Passion play with a difference) is the name of the upcoming production to be held at Teatru Astra in Gozo, in line with the approaching Lent and Easter festivities this spring.

Ghaliex Jien? Il-Passjoni b’differenza is different in the sense that the musical does not only retell the story of the Passion of Jesus in a traditional way but also seeks to transport the essence of certain values into a contemporary context. The plot questions certain decisions taken then and now, as well as attacks attitudes such as hypocrisy and injustice that were present in Jesus’ times but also in today’s social context. The story in itself also treats values such as love, loyalty, responsibility and the everlasting struggle between what’s good and what’s bad, as well as often ponders on the perennial question ‘Why Me?’ when things go really bad.

The three-act musical is written by Joe Chircop and composed by Patrick Vella, Andrew Zammit and Mark Tonna. The production, which is being put up by the Ghaqda Armar San Gorg Martri (made up of volunteers working all year round in preparation for the feast of St George in July) and the Membri Atturi Teatru Astra, will be held on Saturday 02 April at 7.30pm. It involves the participation of a number of actors that throughout the years have volunteered in productions at the Teatru Astra as well as a number of young actors. Stage direction is in the hands of the author Joe Chircop and Mario Tabone.

Rehearsals are currently in full swing, involving also the main cast that includes singers Mark Tonna and Georgina in two of the most important parts.

Booking has recently opened, with tickets available at €10 from the Teatru Astra Bar or by calling 21556256 or 7925 6897. More information on http://www.lastella.com.mt/.

Photograph shows Michael Camilleri Cauchi applying make-up to actor Oliver Farrugia, who interprets the role of Jesus in Ghaliex Jien? Il-Passjoni b’differenza, to be held at the Teatru Astra in Gozo on Saturday 02 April.

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