Gozo College of Chaplains discuss Gozo – Malta Link

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Gozo College of Chaplains discuss link between Gozo & MaltaThe parish priests of Gozo held a meeting yesterday, under the chairmanship of Bishop Mario Grech, to discuss the recent proposals for a tunnel or bridge between Gozo and Malta.

Aware of the duty of the Church which throws the light of the Gospel on the themes of human development, the parish priests, together with Bishop Grech observed that the island of Gozo, despite the improvements made in recent years in its accessibility, is still suffering from double insularity, preventing the same pace of development as the rest of the country, which impacts drastically on the social fabric of Gozo.

They also noted the extraordinary difficulties faced by students, workers, the sick in hospital and their families, employers and the service sector, in having to repeatedly cross between the two islands because of the nature of their study, needs and their work.

They added that the economy of the island would, with better accessibilty, be able to participate fully in the progress achieved in the nation, and indeed contribute to this happening.

Therefore, the ongoing public discussion about the possibility of the islands of Gozo and Malta being joined permanently was welcomed. The meeting also agreed that a comprehensive study should be conducted to take informed decisions about the impact that any decision will have on the environment, economy and society itself and to evaluate both the advantages and drawbacks that this decision may bring.

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    3 Responses

    1. Anthony Grech says:

      It will be of great importance,that this tunnel will be built. Of course the Gozo Channel will be against it because they do not want to lose any business. I do not believe that they do,because some people will like to cross with the ferry. You will see the difference, by not waiting for a long time for the ferry to cross to Malta or Gozo especially in summer. Go for it.

    2. J A - Gozo Reality says:

      Would a Gozo to Malta Tunnel prove to be the real solution to Gozo’s inherent problems? The disadvantages by far outweigh the advantages. All we need is Government’s hearty intervention in the form of subsidies where required and a couple of good factories ( foreign investment) for the creation of more jobs. A cruise liner or two berthing at Xlendi each month wouldn’t do any harm either.

    3. mario b says:

      Another issue to distract us from the real day to day issues.What about the Electricity bills,tax increase etc etc .

      Can`t you all see why issues like this come so often .We should start a real discussion when all the necessary studies have been completed .

      Can`t you think the cost it will be .Cirkewwa terminal has not even started yet and we think we can do this that so easy

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