New hi-tech Radiology Department at Gozo General Hospital

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New Hi-tech Radiology Department at Gozo General HospitalWhat was originally a service provided by two basic apparatus rooms within the Gozo General Hospital, is now a thoroughly modernised Radiology Department incorporating five sections containing the latest digital equipment.

The Head of the Radiology Department said that the various functions of the new equipment would allow investigations to carried out at a very advanced level, thus providing much more detailed results in less time.

A CT Scanning section is now available for the first time in Gozo, this sophisticated device will allow a multitude of new non-invasive procedures to be undertaken, and will provide a clear picture of the patient’s internal medical condition.

One of the new sections specialises in skeletal examinations (Skeletal X-Rays) and another internal examinations (fluoroscopy), both of these sections utilise new equipment which is much more efficient and precise, while it also functions to facilitate its use for both elderly patients and those having difficulties with mobility.

There is an entirely new and much needed, section of Digital Mammography, which allows Gozitan women to participate in the National Breast Screening Programme without needing to travel all the way to Malta. This new device will also of course be available to patients requiring investigations related to cases of symptomatic breast disease.

The ultrasound section is now much more advanced and utilises a new device for in-depth investigations and abdominal gynecological cases, which provides detailed 3D colour images. The new ultrasound device also has the facility to be used for specialised heart tests (Echocardiograms) both on adults and on children.

This project, together with the restructuring of the second ward in the hospital, was proposed by the 2007-2013 national strategy to address accessibility to health services and to improve the quality of life in Gozo. Work on these projects is estimated to have cost around € 3.2 million, 85% of which will be financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Meanwhile work is also underway to install an electronic link, through which results can be sent to Hospitals and Health Centres in Malta. This will facilitate the diagnosis of conditions, and in many cases will mean that Gozitan patients will not have to go to Malta for tests.

The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, whilst visiting the new department, said that these new facilities will strengthen the health service in Gozo for the benefit of all the people of Gozo, and will help to alleviate many of the disadvantages experienced by patients with serious or chronic illness, as well as the elderly and disabled, who would no longer have to travel to Malta for such services. At the same time the Minister said, it will also effectively reduce the demand for these services at Mater Dei Hospital.

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      Looks great. This is a huge step forward which was much needed. Fantastic

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