Gharb referendum results say no to fireworks production

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Gharb Council referendum results on fireworks productionThe Gharb Local Council held its referendum today, asking its residents to give their opinion regarding requests for new firework factories in Gharb, the voting closed at 7pm last night and the council has said that the result was split 60/40 against new permits to be granted, 1221 people were eligible to vote, of which 491actually voted.

Before the referendum, the council had said it was aware that in their locality was becoming a base for firework factories and it realised that this is “an unacceptable situation for the health and safety of their residents, and that it was unacceptable that the debate on this issue is reopened whenever a tragedy occurs, but nothing ever changes.”

The council had also said it feels that it has a duty and obligation to consult the residents on this subject. The council went on to say it understands that fireworks are an important part of the culture, customs and feasts, but that society has to pay for these fireworks, sometimes at the cost of people’s lives and damage to their homes, so residents have the right and duty to voice their opinion.

The Council had also stressed that there is a need for more frequent checks on the existing fireworks factories, on production of the fireworks, storage, and the materials used, as well as the working conditions and the qualifications of the people who work there.

The result of the referendum is to be submitted to the authorities concerned and will be calculated on the criteria given by the regulations governing the consultative referendum.

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