Dwejra’s fossil bed is a mess & unprotected – Readers letter

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http://gozonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Azure_Window_Dwejra.jpgThere doesn’t seem to be any change at Dwejra no matter what Austin Walker, Chairman of MEPA, says in the press. As of 11am on Saturday I have been reliably informed that the place was a mess. Apparently you can see the colour difference between the natural rock of the fossil bed and the quarry waste that MEPA authorised to be dumped there as you walk down the hill. Whilst the vast majority of the solidified waste has been broken up and removed there is still a covering over the entire area that the workers were unable to get at. Also the rock pools are full of the stuff so anything that was living there can be written off.

My contact also told me that as they were walking down the back road towards Dwejra they saw a Land Rover driving around on top of the fossil beds but by the time they got down it had gone. So Mr Walker, was that someone from MEPA carrying out an inspection who decided that rather than get out and walk they might as well just drive over it? Or was it just the fact that no one thought to replace the barriers preventing vehicles from entering the area? If that is the case, and I can assure you the barriers are not in place, then how many vehicles have been driving around the fossil bed?

It would be appreciated Mr Walker if you could answer this by way of the press, as that way the Minister for Gozo, may get to read it. Apparently it’s the only way she gets to know what’s happening on Gozo.

James A. Tyrrell,

N. Ireland

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    2 Responses

    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      How much more ‘Dwejra dust’ is going to be swept under the carpet by Messrs Demarco, Seychell, Walker, Gonzi, etc.? And of course Ms Debono should also not be forgotten – she also reads the newspapers!
      The whole debacle is really disgusting and just because it is almost Christmas should not be ignored!

    2. Mario b says:

      Mr Tyrrell you are right. The rock pools and a lot of areas are still a mess. This whole fiasco that was given permission by MEPA will never be back to how it was before.

      What irritates me is how come MEPA do such stupid decisions which are really BAD in every which way that you look at it, and then comes Mr Joe Citizen because of a really silly mistake they will literally put him through HELL. When professional people like MEPA should know that things like this should never have been considered let alone been given a permit.

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