Praise for the workers attempts to clean up Dwejra disaster

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Praise for the workers attempts to clean up Dwejra disasterHopefully the perpetrators of the latest disaster in Dwejra are hiding in a dark cave with their tails between their legs. Curs that they are, I wish that they could be made to remove every grain of sand personally – using tweezers!

However, this letter is an attempt to praise the guys who are trying to clean up the mess that these greedy moguls made. At present there are about 15 guys trying desperately to remove the rock-like layer of compressed grit covering the delicate fossils. They are using picks, rakes, hammers, shovels, brushes, brooms – anything that will loosen the grit without harming the fossils. A hard job under any circumstances and made more difficult by the wind and spray and of course having to be extra careful to minimize the damage already done to the fossils. The guys are doing a good job and the team includes some of the people whose businesses have been closed down due to the road works, so some good has come out of this disaster after all. They are all being very careful, and without fail – as Gozitans/Maltese – are all horrified at what has been done to ‘their’ heritage.

Incidentally, the shade cloth used to protect the fossils is good for nothing and simply disintegrates the moment any pressure is placed on it, for example, when trying to lift loosened sand away from the fossils. I would assume that it was old and torn when it was put down anyway.

The plan is now to remove most of the compacted grit and then use a power wash machine to jet-spray away the remaining grit. It will be quicker (and cheaper) than brushing it up, but will it be another disaster? I can only say that after using a mini-machine to power wash our terrace, a lot of the grouting had to be replaced!

I sincerely hope that MEPA will not turn a blind eye again to this possible, new disaster.

Lesley Kreupl,


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    7 Responses

    1. Mario says:

      Hi Lesley.

      As you know all this happened with the blessing of MEPA. What a farce.

    2. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Unfortunately Mario, MEPA is a farce.

      It would be interesting to know what would have happened if Mr. Tyrrell and myself had simply ignored the situation there, as obviously so many other people did. Would MEPA have just pretended that everything was okay? Would they and the contractors have just pocketed all the ‘fees’ and turned a blind eye when someone at some later stage discovered the damage? How disgusting!

      Thank goodness we still have free press and wonderful NGOs!

    3. Angela says:

      They don’t think ahead – MEPA. It’s such a lovely place Dwejra. When are they going to learn?
      Gozo needs tourism and heritage.

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Hopefully someone will get in touch with the Government before MEPA make the situation worse by allowing the area to be power washed. What sorts of idiots work for that authority anyway?

    5. Victor Galea says:

      Why only few Gozitans workers are allowed to earn 80 Euro daily for this work?

      Why is it that someone prefers to pay 80 Euros daily for the Maltese coming over and pay their accomodation in one of the Hotels. Could they not employ more Gozitans instead?

      Is this worker correct when he told me not to object to this disaster since through this mishap he is earning some money?

    6. James A. Tyrrell says:

      I agree with you here Victor. I know some of the guys with businesses down there are helping with the clean-up which is good as they are losing money due to the road work. But I fail to see why Maltese are being brought over to do it. The disaster happened on Gozo and it should be Gozitans getting paid to clear it up. Somehow I can’t imagine Gozitans being taken over to Malta if a similar situation occurred there.

    7. Peter Cardona says:

      Nonsense Gozitans…..People with big Heads….they never learn from their own mistakes, all they want is to sit on their ass, do things their way and get paid thousands of euros from our tax money.

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