• Statement on clean-up at Dwejra – Fire & Blood Productions
  • Published on Tuesday, 2, November, 2010 at 16:23 in Gozo News, Letters & Opinions | 3 Comments

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    Cleaning in Dwejra, Gozo - Fire & Blood ProductionsReference is made to the press release issued by the Communications Office of the Malta Environment & Planning Authority entitled ‘Dwejra Film Clean Up Operation’ on Monday 1st November 2010 regarding the clean-up process at Dwejra Gozo following a film shoot by production company Fire & Blood Productions.

    In the permit issued to the production company for filming on the location, MEPA set out all the conditions and requirements necessary for work to be undertaken in the area. It is with regret that the production company confirms that a sub-contractor hired by them did not adhere to certain conditions of the clean-up procedure, and therefore Fire & Blood Productions apologises for any unnecessary distress caused by this process.

    Once the work of the sub-contractor was seen as utilising incorrect methods, all necessary steps and precautions were immediately put in place to ensure that the clean-up process ensues according to the requirements set out by MEPA, and that no lasting or irreversible impact is left on the area. The production company has enlisted a local supervised team with the manual clean-up of the area in accordance with MEPA’s regulations. These requirements involve the removal of sand manually, without the use of mechanical equipment.

    The production company naturally values the environmental concerns associated with this issue, and immediate rectification of the situation has been embarked upon. The production company regret the unfortunate incident, and are committed to continuing their positive experience of filming in Malta with the respect of the island’s cultural and natural heritage merits.

    Mark Huffam


    Fire & Blood Productions

    Thomas Andrews House

    Queens Road

    Queens Island

    Belfast BT3 9DU

    United kingdom

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    1. Victor Galea

      Guess guess: ‘Who is this sub-contractor?”

      I bet 98% of the Gozitans know perfectly who this is, but….

      That’s the way aha aha…

    2. Jonas Thor

      The cash is in the sub contractors pocket, why should he say anything. Remember Victor, The PM made the statement that he would directly overlook the operations of MEPA, Remember? Why was this such a secret, many of the local Gozo people go there every day in including the venders and the guy who meets you and tries to sell the handout propaganda stuff. Why did they not bring this to anybody´s attention before the NGO’s found out about it later. The whole saga must be reported to the appropriate EU authorities NOW.

    3. Lesley Kreupl

      @Johas Thor
      The local people are too scared or couldn’t be bothered to report something that doesn’t concern them or their property.

      @Victor Galea
      The sub-contractors use “Road Construction” trucks which are the same ones that have been illegally dumping in the Qala area over the last few months. I have photos of the number plates of the trucks if that helps!

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