Vodafone Malta’s CEO appointed CEO of Vodafone Romania

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Vodafone Malta's CEO appointed as CEO Vodafone MaltaAs part of Vodafone’s culture to innovate and redeploy its best human resources to different markets, in the coming weeks, the current Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Malta, Inaki Berroeta will be appointed as CEO of Vodafone Romania.

"I am delighted that for the past three years and a half I was part of a great team at Vodafone Malta. During this time I have had the privilege to work with a very competent group of professionals that have made Vodafone Malta what it is today for the benefit of our customers and the Maltese society in general," said Inaki Berroeta.

In the coming weeks Vodafone will announce the name of the new CEO for Vodafone Malta. Meanwhile, Inaki Berroeta will remain in the Board of Directors of Vodafone Malta to ensure a smooth transition.

Inaki Berroeta joined Vodafone Malta as CEO of the Company in 2007. During this time Vodafone Malta introduced a wide range of products and services that were first to the local market. Amongst these, were the introduction of Smartphones and latest technological devices that were totally new to the market together with environmental initiatives such as e-billing and online top-up and social initiatives to help the Maltese society at large.

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