What a disgusting way to treat such a beautiful area

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What a disgusting way to treat such a beautiful area I decided to go down to Dwejra this afternoon. I find this area very interesting especially given all the fossils contained in the rocks there. I couldn’t believe what I found. Well that’s not strictly true, I could believe it as its Gozo. Apparently a film was being shot here earlier in the week or more specifically a few minutes of a movie. They decided that they needed a beach so all the rock was covered with plastic sheet and thousands of tons of sand was brought in on lorries and dumped there and spread out with a bulldozer. Remember this area is covered in fossils millions of years old! Today the bulldozer and lorries were back driving over the top of this old fossil bed to scoop the sand back into the lorries to be taken away. I think the photos speak for themselves!

Now my question here is who within the Gozo Ministry gave permission for this to be done? Why in this day and age was it necessary to cause damage to an ancient area of the island in this way when the technology exists to digitally add a beach to a scene if required? I saw tourists today looking at the area and wondering why it looked like a landfill site. What a disgusting way to treat such a beautiful area.

James A. Tyrrell,
Northern Ireland

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    14 Responses

    1. Mario B says:

      One thing I have to say about this.

      It makes me sick, how come things like this are being left to happen.

    2. However says:

      Perhaps someone paid and paid. And paid. Money. That is all that’s important to so many people. I do not think Gozo is different. What is different is that almost no-one cares and those who do have no influence at all.

    3. Lesley Kreupl says:

      This is so disgusting, if anyone wants more proof I have lots of photos I took this morning (Friday) of the bulldozer and trucks which are being used to cart away the sand. The ‘plastic’ is actually mostly tattered shade cloth and bits and pieces of black building plastic, so there will be lots of sand left behind. Apart from the damage to the fossils, what sort of impact is this alien building sand going to have on the environment (a marine reserve) when it gets washed over the rocks during the winter storms?
      Perhaps we will finally be able to totally destroy this beautiful diving site, get rid of the nasty tourists and expats and sink back into the Med while complaining that nobody visits the islands anymore!

    4. Anthony Grech says:

      You should start with the Ministry of Gozo. Talk to them. They do not want to listen to any body except themselves. They do not know you except when it is time for them to be elected to office.If they continue doing this,they are going to ruin the Island. Wake up people,do something. Do not stand there with your hands in the pocket.

    5. Sheila G says:

      We saw the rather scruffy looking set there 12 days ago – apparently the film is called ‘A Game of Thrones’ and scenes have also been filmed on Malta. The following day was very windy and there was a terrific storm with lots of rain – I did wonder how the set survived and how much of the sand would have been washed away!

    6. Joe Magro from Qala but live in Australia says:

      This thing that James seen does not surprise me at all because the Minister for Gozo don’t know nothing about fossils she sould resign from being the Minister for Gozo, all you have to look at the roads in Gozo, the last 4 Years I visited Gozo 3 times and the roads still with plenty of hole, so wake up gozo voters.

    7. Victor Galea says:

      At least we can say ‘not guilty’ … some few of us did their part part for a change.

    8. anthony caruana says:

      this gonzi/gozo pn all in the name of ecoghawdex/ the joke of the century/ haqqu midalja minn hareg bl-idea ta ecoghawdex

    9. Mario says:

      @ Anthony Caruana – Please iddahhalx politika partigjana. Din il website hija ta l’ghawdxin kolla.

    10. Lesley Kreupl says:

      I was down at Dwejra again this afternoon. As far as I could judge, most of the sand that was still there yesterday has not yet been removed. Work had obviously stopped for the day. Bits of shade cloth and strips of plastic were blowing in the wind, some still held down by sand. Others being blown out to sea – especially dangerous for the dolphins and other marine creatures who mistake plastic for jelly fish and usually die a horrible death after eating plastic…

      I heard today that the sand has already been there for 2 to 3 weeks and the first lot was washed into the sea during the recent storms. Since no natural sand occurs in the area this must have done a lot of damage to the marine life in this ‘protected’ region which is so popular with divers!
      Shame on whoever gave permission, and cashed in, for this site to be used as a film-set.

      We all know who this person is and I sincerely hope he will be duly punished.

    11. Victor Galea says:

      Anthony I think it’s not fair to ridicule those who came up with such a noble concept of Eco Gozo but the sad thing is that those who copied the idea from The Greens before last election, copied it without having a clue what ecology is all about! Got it?

    12. anthony caruana says:

      hi Vic no disrespect to AD but i have recieved tons of cheap propoganda from GonziPN promising a better Gozo and all we got is a total distruction of this beautiful island.

    13. Mario says:


    14. Victor Galea says:

      Mario, From ALL political parties???
      So how many political parties do you have? 5, 9, 6, ?
      just in case… Do you also have a coalition government like the rest of Europe? I bet not…
      But instead we have a stagnant system where if it were not for few expats to take an action, nothing will get to surface. Reason being that most Gozitans are scared shit from not being able to get a favor if they stand up and be counted. Just look at the photos with this story.

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