GRTU Strives for Fiscal Stability with Budget 2011 proposals

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GRTU Strives for Fiscal Stability with Budget 2011 proposalsDuring today’s MCESD meeting GRTU has presented its proposals and priorities for Budget 2011. GRTU expects Government in Budget 2011 to prioritise micro and small enterprises in all sectors. GDP is now growing again as a result of the growth in the economic performance of financial institutions and specialised personal services like e-gaming and the professional services to enterprise, especially consultants, auditors and accountants.

GDP must now be pushed forward through the growth of micro and small enterprises that represent 99% of the more than thirty four hundred enterprises registered in Malta. GRTU wants an extended loan guarantee scheme to cover an extensive list of investments that will enable micro and small firms to renovate and re-engineer themselves through training and development and investment upgrade to approach effectively the new knowledge based economy that Malta is committed to develop.

The emphasis of GRTU’s proposal is – money is available for productive work and for reinvestment and new investment on a return basis – you have it when you need it and at advantageous fiscal and financial terms but the money must be returned once the investment is generating the planned income and money is available only to those that the financial institutions certify as credit worthy. The same principle also to be adopted to households that seek improvements and investment in the education of family members.

GRTU seeks progress in the development of the green revolution in Malta. GRTU has invested directly proving that its commitment to the environment is not empty words. Now, further and stronger fiscal incentives must be given to encourage more growth in this sector and to make the green jobs available and within reach of those who seek them.

GRTU expects Budget 2011 to finally approve the package of proposals advocated by GRTU to create more environmentally friendly economic activities that make our Localities grow and become really sustainable. Year in year out GRTU has been making proposals to assist the development of economic activities in the localities including back office work and more bed only tourist facilities. Now Government must produce the right incentives packaged as proposed by GRTU.

Government must do more much more to support private efforts. GRTU seeks sustained economic growth. GRTU aims at an enterprise driven economy and a Malta that is productive and sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.

GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs

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