‘Valorising Rural Women’ – A seminar in Gozo with the GWU

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‘Valorising Rural Women’ - a seminar in Gozo with the GWUThe Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, today addressed participants at a seminar organised in Gozo by the General Workers Union (GWU) as part of the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Project – Valorising Rural Women. The Minister said "By promoting lifelong learning across all levels of society, projects such as those supported under the Grundtvig programmes, also promote an inclusive society that gives due attention to those who are on the periphery."

The Minister said that this theme aptly fits the reality being lived by Gozitan women and how these have managed to valorise their potential through furthering their studies and careers notwithstanding the challenges posed by the double insularity of the island. "This reality is much different from that which was prevalent a few decades ago", said Minister Debono.

Amongst other objectives Grundtvig Programmes aim to increase the number of people in adult education and improve the quality of their experience, whether at home or abroad; to improve the quality and amount of co-operation between adult education organisations; to develop innovative adult education and management practices, and encourage widespread application; to ensure that people on the margins of society have access to adult education, especially older people, and those who left education without basic qualifications; and to improve conditions for mobility so that more and more people can benefit from adult education.

The Minister concluded by saying how this project in which the GWU is participating, has given an opportunity to Maltese and Gozitan participants to interact with their foreign counterparts coming from far larger states. This is also one of the benefits gained through Malta’s accession to the EU.

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