Ghajnsielem’s Steven Camilleri launches his first novel

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Ghajnsielem's Steven Camilleri launches his first novelSteven James Camilleri, aged 23, from Ghajnsielem has just finished his first novel entitled ‘The Key to Revival.’

The book is a thriller adventure with romance, suspense and mystery about a young 17-year man called Peter Castellano who is forced to confront an unbearable reality since the only companion he could confide in, his father Ivan, has been killed in strange circumstances. In search of a new beginning, Peter, together with his mother Damaris, move to a remote villa, a villa previously owned by the son of the Collins, Edgar, a mysterious man with prophetic abilities. Every house has its story, but what lies hidden in this house is a mystery that pleads to be unravelled. As sudden curiosity to explore the dwelling grows, Peter, together with the girl he had always wished for, Stephanie, are lured beneath the villa where they make a remarkable discovery – a map of immense value. As the rush to get to the end of the trail heightens, they are led into a seemingly never-ending sequel of exploration, mystery and suspense when unexpectedly, they understand that the true motive behind the map’s existence is its use as a guide and a tool to change the course of Edgar’s premonition – a presentiment that sheds light on the mystery underlying Ivan’s murder.

Steven James Camilleri was born in the heart of New York City. At a young age Steven, along with his parents and only brother, moved to Ghajnsielem. The hectic life of the city he had grown accustomed to, compared to the tranquillity of the island, had a big impact on Steven’s life. However, Steven had no difficulty in adapting to the cultural difference. In fact, he soon started speaking the Maltese language.

At secondary level, he learned a third language. However, most importantly for Steven, he chose art, a subject that offered scope for his imagination. At tertiary level, he studied two disparate subjects – geography and sociology. The reason behind this selection was to acquire a broader perspective of the world we live in – both from the perspective of man and that of nature. After successfully completing Sixth Form, he moved to the main island of Malta. There, he studied for three years at the University of Malta and graduated with a Degree in B.A. (Hons) in geography. Still determined to further his academic career, Steven once again graduated from the same college the following year and obtained a teacher’s warrant after specialising in his main study area.After college, he strove to express his creativity, and in writing, he found a way of expressing his literacy skills and a means of giving a concrete form to his artistic vision.

This book is his art canvas. The author believes that writing a novel is not all about creating an intriguing story. More importantly, writing is a tool that enables one to express a work of art by using language to shape a story, develop characters and express one’s unique perceptions of what is universal and permanent in human nature.

The book is now available for sale in paperback or electronic edition at a number of online seller and will soon be also available at local bookstores. A a soft-copy of the book can also be ordered from or Paperback from Amazon UK or

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    7 Responses

    1. Sarah Berrns says:

      This is a great achievement. From what I have read here, the story seems very captivating. Great Job!

    2. Joseph Attard says:

      Dan juri kemm, minkejja ahna pajjiz zghir, xorta wahda ghanda talent kbir hawn f’Malta!

    3. Federico Chini says:

      What a fantastic achievement!

    4. David Chetcuti says:

      Thumbs up & well done!!

    5. R.D Gozo says:

      This is a definite read! Sounds very interesting. No wonder you’ve managed to sell the book internationally. This must have been hard work to say the least!

    6. Roderick says:

      Ghadni kif rajt it-trailer ta dan in-novel! Proset habib!

    7. Zachary Bourke says:

      Thumbs up from the land of Australia mate. Your novel contains a great story, brimmed with suspense, mystery and a hint of romance. The manuscript gives you a very good balance to what the reader would like to read.

      Keep up with your progress, Steven.


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