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Why do Gozitans or any other person living in Gozo who wants to travel abroad have to use either the expensive helicopter service or use taxis to reach the airport?

It costs a person travelling from Gozo to the airport between Lm9-Lm12 (plus 50c to Lm2 for ferry expenses), one way or Lm18-Lm24 return just to get to the airport and back by taxi. Additionally we have to dish out and average of Lm50 for airport taxes. For Gozitans this may total up to Lm75. This just to leave the island!

I read with interest Alternattiva Demokratika’s, The Green Party?s statement, where they suggested a shuttle bus service from Gozo to the airport. I fully agree with this proposal. This shuttle bus service from international airports exists in all other destinations worldwide. In our country these buses don?t need to be huge coaches. Why should Malta be the exception in this regard?

I feel we ought to be treated better. If AD continues to show that it cares for Gozo, then I can see that Gozitans will regard them as the best option for the stagnated political system on this island. Sannat residents already did!

Through such measures, all Gozitans will benefit, especially now during these financially hard times.

In the end, the economy will benefit as a result of such a service, since people are encouraged to travel more in a comfortable and affordable way.

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