Please find some new land for Gozo SPCA – Readers Letter

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Please find land for new premises for the Gozo SPCAI think it is a shame that Gozo SPCA may have to close, after all the voluntary work that has been done. Surely we have enough stray cats and dogs roaming around our beautiful Island.

We need the SPCA or another body to keep our streets safe.

Please, please find some land for new premises. Surely this is not too much to ask?

George Debrincat and Mary Micallef, Xewkija.

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    6 Responses

    1. Kathy de Brabander says:

      George and Mary,

      Very happy I read your letter today. It is very good that people keep asking attention for the SPCA Gozo.
      Only 3 days home from our fourth vacation at Gozo and thinking how can we help them?

      Yesterday I send an email to the SPCA it is usefull to gather signatures in several countries to make the Goverment and Ministry aware of the importance of this case.

      But if they keep closing their eyes, what more can we do together?

      Everybody help please to find a solution!

      Kathy de Brabander (Zierikzee, Holland)

    2. lesley kreupl says:

      I have lost count of the number of times that I have written to the press regarding the disgusting and despicable behaviour of the Ministry for Gozo regarding the SPCA premises and their multitude of broken promises involved in ‘trying to find’ suitable new premises. I fail to see what the Minister and her acolytes have against finding new premises, it is surely to the advantage of everyone who lives in Gozo to have a well run animal sanctuary. I realize that in an ideal world it shouldn’t be necessary to have an animal sanctuary, but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world. Perhaps the handshakes are not golden enough?

      In any event, I do hope that next time there is an election, that the Gozitans will remember how poorly the present incumbent has performed.

    3. Anthony Calleja says:

      Another disgraceful neglect of our animal friends by the politicians of Malta and Gozo. There is so much land wasted in Malta and Gozo and so much abuse of the land by the powers that be in these islands and they cant give land to the good people who take care of our animal friends. And the politicians then have the cheek and arrogance to face us with their false noble airs and expect us to vote for them. They will get no vote out of me till they help our animal friends. Not everyone is swayed by promises of personal gains they should know.

    4. Connie Tonna says:

      I know that Gozo is not a big island but surely there must be a small piece of land someshwere on the island that the government can donate to help our homeless pets… afterall kindhearted people donate their energy, effort and money to help these poor creatures and all they are asking in return is a small piece of land to continue their great work.

    5. Bettina Thiel says:

      However the population treats their animals is an indicator of´humanity.’ I´m a german tourist and I saw the bad situation of leaving cats and dogs loose in Gozo.

      But I am not the only one tourist to see this. Gozo is interesting for tourists so they bring money to this island but it shocks so many tourists to see the hungry cats and dogs all over Gozo. So they will consider to spend their holidays on another place..

      And now i had to read that the only one place for some animals shall to close. It was a sign of humanity ,of a new development from the opinions from the population about to treat animals. It was a future step but when the animal home will close it is a step return.

      We are living in 21th centrury and Malta has a membership in EU. Your minister should ask herself if she is prepared to work for a furure for Gozo or not. It is only a new area needed for these animals no more. Please help this organisation to make their important work. It would be a great sign from the politicians and it would help to open the mind for all animals.


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