Another 159 adults successfully complete ESF courses in Gozo

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ESF6-Awards.JPGOne hundred and fifty nine Gozitan adults were, on Friday, presented with certificates indicating successful completion of the second batch of various courses co-financed by the European Social Fund held in the last year in Gozo. The courses were held exclusively in Gozo as part of the Ministry for Gozo’s initiative to invest in human resource development on the island.

The projects, carried out between 2005 and 2007, addressed different economic areas in Gozo through several schemes and courses, with the latter made available to residents in Gozo over sixteen years of age free of charge. In all, around 430 Gozitans benefited from the fifty courses and three schemes offered.

The Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre for Art and Crafts offered nineteen courses in art, crafts and traditional skills-related topics which proved popular with participants of different age groups. The University Gozo Centre courses focused on introductory courses in Agriculture, e-Commerce and IT, Business Studies and Environmental Planning and Management. Concurrently, the Employment and Training Corporation in Gozo offered schemes which provided support and work opportunities for Gozitan graduates in Gozo, start-up assistance for potential entrepreneurs to start their own business, support to businesses in identifying their ICT training needs, together with training courses related to the tourism sector.

Speaking during the presentation ceremonies, the Hon Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, said that the extent of Gozitan participation in these projects confirmed the need for such specific courses that address Gozo’s particular needs.

Minister Debono said that Malta’s membership in the European Union is resulting in a direct and tangible benefit to Gozo’s economy through projects such as those co-funded through the ESF. Human resources on the island are given opportunities to improve their skills and to adapt themselves through training. At the same time, businesses in Gozo benefit from an availability of better skilled human resources besides schemes that provide assistance to the self-employed and small businesses.

Minister Debono said that in the coming weeks more courses will be made available to Gozitans free of charge, including courses in literacy and numeracy. This, besides additional training opportunities that will also be co-financed by the ESF that will be made available to Gozitans through the Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2007-2013, out of which Gozo will be benefiting from a minimum of 10% of funds.

These Ministry for Gozo projects were partly funded by the European Union’s Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2004-2006.

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