Circolo Gozitana to hold Poetry on Gozo session this evening

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Circolo Gozitana hold Poetry on Gozo sesseion this eveningCircolo Gozitana will be holding their  third meeting of the new series of Poetry on Gozo today, Tuesday, the 27th of July 2010 at 8.30pm at the Circolo Gozitano premises in Victoria.

‘Poetry on Gozo’ aims to be an informal podium for poets living in or visiting Gozo to recite their work to an interested audience. All languages are welcome, but a summary should be given in English. The same applies for songwriters. No censorship is applied. Anybody can come to read or listen and the entrance is free.

Poetry on Gozo gathers every month in an informal atmosphere with guitar music and a glass of wine.

Bonded by the mystic lure of poetry, which captivates and liberates, the participants of the Poetry on Gozo activity return on every last Tuesday of each month with their latest musings, to be shared humbly and joyfully with all those who cared to listen and respond. The audience changes from night to night, but is sustained by a hard core of poetry buffs who would not miss one for anything. For some, their home was just down the road; for others it was across vast oceans.

Poetry on Gozo has rediscovered poetry as a popular form of expression, lightened of academic pretensions that can all but kill its very existence, and given it back spontaneity, freshness and immediacy. Its doors are open to all, and the informality of the evening merges sweetly with the wine and the music.

Gircolo Gozitano are inviting everyone to join in the activity and enjoy and evening of poetry.

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