Xaghra Council wishes to undertake management of Ramla

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Xaghra Council wishes to undertake management of RamlaXaghra Local Council, have said that they are very disillusioned about the present situation at the picturesque bay of Ramla il-Hamra which is found on the boundaries of their locality.

The Council said that it is surprised that despite the complaints made in the last months and despite the common feelings which are being expressed by those visiting this bay, including that of the Gozo Tourism Association, the authorities have not yet taken all the necessary measures to ensure that this bay eventually becomes a recreational area providing enjoyment and peace of mind to local  families and visitors alike. 

Up to the present day, this bay is filled with huge pebbles and large amounts of sea weed, which is full of plastic, this is causing danger and inconvenience to visitors at the beginning of the summer season. All this is happening whilst the GAIA Foundation is supposed to be taking care of the management of Ramla il Hamra.

The Council concluded by saying that faced with this situation, which is extremely disappointing, the Xaghra Local Council is requesting that this bay’s management passes under their responsibility, as they are indeed convinced that the council can carry out a better job. This will be a move forward which will sustain the tourism industry which is the basis of the country’s economy.

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    1. Peter Wilson says:

      At least if Xaghra Local Council can take control of Ramla as they used to, this bay may return to a nice place to visit.

      I have had my grandchildren over for 10 days, they love the beach playing in the water and building sand castle. But of the 10 days they only spent 2 on Ramla, my daughter was disappointed and said it was not a nice beach any more, to many large pebbles and loads of sea weed, making it difficult to walk on. They in fact spent 4 days on to Melieha beech, prefering to travel to Malta, when Ramla was only a 10 minute drive from where they were staying, and 2 days on Hondoq. If something isn’t done then one of Malta’s best beaches will become, a wilderness, but perhaps that’s what the foundation wants, no visitors so that they can protect the sand hills and the rare plants, with no public to disturb them

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