Nature Trust on HSBC initiative for World Environment Day

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Nature Trust praises HSBC initiative for World Environment DayHSBC has dedicated a week on biodiversity to celebrate World Environment Day. The bank has produced posters showing the local species with need for protection, which are displayed across the worldwide branch network for customers to see when they visit their branch. The idea behind this initiative is to promote awareness and as a bank with conscience, HSBC takes pride with promoting environmental awareness through its everyday business activities.

“HSBC has proved yet again in being a bank that takes environmental issues seriously and makes it part of its core values,” said Vincent Attard, Executive President of Nature Trust (Malta). He added that “this initiative should also be taken up by other organizations as Malta badly needs an educational campaign on the local biodiversity. Despite this year being the International Biodiversity year, very few initiatives are being done in our Islands, therefore HSBC is to be commended for its contribution.”

One of the posters displayed in Malta is that of the Fresh Water Crab, known as il-Qabru in Maltese. The fresh water crab is facing great difficulties at present due to habitat destruction and lack of protection.

Everyone is surrounded by species that need our help, to find out more visit your local HSBC branches or visit

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    1. Bob Stenley says:

      The Malta Planing Authority should be in forefront to safeguard the BIODIVERSITY before any permit issue for development, specially where there is precious water.

      Water is a universal solvent and no living thing can survive with out water, so please stop development projects on water or close to it ,that is the best way of protection .

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