Certificates awarded to students at Wistin Camilleri Centre

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Certificates awarded to students at Wistin Camilleri CentreGiovanna Debono, the Minister for Gozo, presented certificates to some 270 students who participated in various courses at the Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre for Art and Crafts.. These courses tackle different subjects related to arts, trades and creative works and increasingly attract numerous attendance each year. This year, more than one thousand participants are following various courses that are held throughout the week including Saturday.

The most followed courses are those of painting for children and adults, lace-making and embroidery, glass, wood works, metal works, pottery, guilding and photography. Attention is given to the teaching of new techniques and the use of modern machinery, which enhance the participants’ working abilities

During the presentation of certificates, the Minister for Gozo explained how this centre, which is instrumental in keeping artisan traditions alive, is developing a centre of creativity and innovation in both the craft artistic field.

After the ceremony, the Minister for Gozo, inaugurated a new and innovative pennant that was designed and constructed by the Centre. This pennant is on the roof of the Centre opposite the road leading to Mgarr. The exhibition of works by the students will remain open until Saturday, the 22nd of May. This exhibition is also planned to go to Slovenia later this month.

The Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre for Arts and Crafts, is currently hosting more than one thousand participants, children and youngsters, males and females of different age groups, varying from 7 years to 80 plus. Other courses are being held for persons with special needs through the collaboration with the Gozo College and the Adult Training Centre. Moreover, a group of people currently registering for work, are attending training sessions in metal works. These sessions are being held through coordination with ETC in Gozo.

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