Vince Caurana’s 7 Days of captivating creativity exhibiton

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Vince Caurana’s 7 Days of captivating creativity exhibiton7 DAYS is an amazing visual journey into Gozitan artist, Vince Caruana’s vibrant palette and creative mastery. It offers a narrative of styles stretching from representational to abstract, and extending to bronze relief designs.

His landscapes straddle the line between abstract and realism with delicate linear rhythms condensed into a myriad of dynamic diagonal lines, and angular planes creating subtle compositions that persuade you not only to view Caruana’s work but to experience it. The fundamental innovation in his latest works is the creation of formal volume through the overlapping of gauzy planes with light shaping the atmosphere and mood of the painting.

Vince Caruana is capable of a brilliant refinement, and his pure abstracts represent the need that the artist feels to create an expression that doesn’t consist of an underlying pictorial system. The eight main designs, each symbolizing one of the eight beatitudes, and accompanying wreaths have been casted in bronze reliefs in France for the Parish of Ghajnsielem Bell’s project. 7 Days is truly a celebration of the diversity and excellence of this prodigious artist and an unforgettable journey into rich, vivid colours and captivating creativity that simply pulsates with indomitable energy, movement and passion. The intensity makes every piece linger in the mind.

The designs will be made public for the first time and can be viewed at Maji Wine & Dine Art gallery (next to Banca Giuritale) in Victoria, Gozo.

The exhibition, supported by: Zammit La Rosa Footwear Ltd., Cornucopia Hotel, Grand Hotel was inaugurated on the 13th of May by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono and contiue throughout May (Opening hours: Mon-Fri 19:00 -22:30, Sat 10:00 -12:30, 1900 -22:30, Sun 10:00 – 12:30). publication

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